Friday, November 07, 2008

Webinosh with Dr. Will Thalheimer: Smile Sheets

WillThalheimerI sat in on a great lunchtime webinosh with Dr. Will Thalheimer on smile sheets.

My live blogged notes were beautiful and then poof -- my machine crashed and my notes are gone. The sorrow.

(Please oh please can I throw this laptop out the window now?)

I won't attempt to recreate them -- don't have the time.

But it was great, and I highly recommend you attend his next session on context.

Dr. Thalheimer's focus is on bridging the gap between research and practice. That's the kind of theory I can sink my fingers into.

Bottom line on smile sheets:

Favorable returns on smile sheets have little correlation with the overall value of the learning experience.

Dr. Thalheimer talked about ways he's been trying to make smile sheets more effective so that they can be used to tell us something valuable about the learning experience.

Look for a sample smile sheet on Dr. Thalheimer's site (type smile sheet in the search field).

If you're lucky enough to be going to DevLearn next week, Dr. Thalheimer will be presenting. Make a point of sitting in .

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