Monday, November 17, 2008

Best Online Collaboration Tools with Robin Good

Live blogging this session from the Corporate Learning Trends & Innovation Conference with Robin Good.

The end of the content God. The teacher now serves as mentor to help us create the best thing together.

So now we're going to edit a mind map together using mindmeister.

Login issues -- Robin says, "when you're trying something new, we've all got to be patient..."

Everyone's adding tools to the different categories on the MindMap -- whoa. Lots happening all over the place.

This is my first mind mapping experience so I'm mostly learning how to use a mind mapping tool.

Together we're producing something new and unique -- 150 users adding tools and URLs to the mindmap at the same time.

Feeling like the exercise itself is the learning event -- not so much the listing of individual tools (although that's a bonus) -- but seeing how everyone's collaborating. Very cool.

Robin really goes with the flow when things aren't working well on the technical side. Very enthusiastic -- fun presenter...

Robin's Summary:

Learning collaboration is all about trying new things, making mistakes, experimenting. When we come together with such energy, we can really create fantastic work. When we catalyze about something we enjoy, it's really fantastic.

Check out the mind map we created here.

Whew! What a whirlwind.


Unknown said...

I was on this training session, too. I had to get past my own hangups (what do you MEAN there's no real agenda?!) to realize that the collaboration itself was the most valuable experience. Turned out to be pretty interesting, and learning about new social tools didn't hurt either.

Cammy Bean said...

Yeah, it was definitely not your mama's training session! Thanks for stopping in and commenting -- that's how the collaboration continues...

TJ said...

Thanks for the valuable info on the post - the mind map was filled with some great links! I have a 1:1 teacher to laptop this year and love it!

Cammy Bean said...

@TJ -- glad you got something out of this post. So what does it mean when you say that you've got a 1:1 teacher to laptop this year? Does that mean that your school has given you your own laptop to work with? Is that unusual?