Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Salaries for Instructional Designers

Are you wondering if your salary is up to snuff? Do you need a raise? Want to figure out what you might make if you were to enter the illustrious world of instructional design?

Here's a list of salary resources where you can find out more:

(I liked this one a lot. You enter your own salary and location and see how it compares to the averages in your region.)

(Kind of basic, but it's good to view another data set.)

ASTD (Warning, you need to purchase the article, which I didn't do...)

E-Learning Guild's Annual Salary Reports for the US and Canada 2008 (Lots of ways to cut the data here. Great report!)

[I discovered the first three links via a posting on the ITFORUM discussion list.]

Photo credit: $5700 by Andrew Magill

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