Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Second Life and Gaming Poll Results

I don't claim to be a researcher, nor can I claim that the results of polls conducted on this site are in the least bit statistically significant. But I am interested in the responses I've been getting.

Last week, I asked "Have you ever been in Second Life?" There were 20 responses.

Never (9) 45%
A few times -- I don't get it. (3) 15%
A few times -- I'll go back. (5) 25%
A lot. (3) 15%

Over at Mission to Learn, Jeff cites these stats and then wonders about the demographics of my site -- the answer to which I can vaguely guess at: eLearning professionals in their 30s-40s -- on average? (Perhaps another poll is needed?)

I think that all that my Second Life poll can really tell us, is that there are a lot of folks who still haven't tried Second Life...and some folks who see the potential.

I'm also interested in the results of the poll question I asked, "Are you a Gamer?" This poll -- to-date -- has had 29 responses. Again, not statistically significant I'm sure.
  • But 62% are willing to call themselves Gamers. This surprised me.
  • I fell into the NO category along with another 34%.
  • 1 person called themselves "Other", stating "I would be if I could afford the time."
I you'd like to add your two cents, and tell us what kind of Gamer you are, that poll is still open. Unfortunately, the Second Life poll is closed.


bschlenker said...

Hi Cammy! I'd like to plan a weekly hour for second life newbies. What do you think?
A safe place for elearning professionals to experience 2L with a guide and some friends.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammy

I am definitely not into gaming (AT ALL) and was nagged into Second Life 2 weeks ago. What I can't believe is how much I have laughed in Second Life. Gave my friend a balloon that sent them out of control into the atmosphere -- loved hearing the screams! Played Barbie dress up now with two friends (one of which is Hey Jude a well known blogger in Australia) to give them a new look -- and believe me that I am not a girlie girl. Every night I play with my SL newbie friends and we have fun!

The most laughing was when I decided to multi task -- was in conference call on skype with 2 friends -- one needed someone to help his new friend who was in Second Life out quickly so I offered to go in. Next thing I know I am trying to text chat Newbie, suddenly I am getting teleport requests and IM from all my other SL friends and trying to talk on Skype ---laughed so much trying to cope with it all.

There is something, not sure what, that just makes you want to go back into Second Life. I think because it feels real.


Karl Kapp said...


It would be interesting for you to do a poll of the demographics to your site...that might impact the data and provide some insight into the answers to the poll.

And, I'd be glad to join in a weekly one hour in SL.


Cammy Bean said...

Sue Waters...I do not know how you find the time to do all of the things you do! I've had a similar experience laughing my head off in SL -- there's something so absurd about flying or falling off a building.

Karl...a follow-up poll will be forthcoming! And, as I mentioned to Brent, I think the idea of an newbie SL gathering -- or at least a more regular gathering of elearning types in SL sounds great!

Anonymous said...

I'm checking out your polls ;)...I will have to incorporate one in one of my posts this weekend.

It's funny you should mention Second Life. I only heard about it approx. three weeks ago I was very curious about it. I was actually thinking about joining it...however I barely have time to participate in my real life events. I can see the attraction with Second Life also. I have heard rumored that people have actually made quite a bit of real money and lost money playing Second Life. Don't know if the rumors are true but my husband said I should set up shop as a psychiatrist there ;)