Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Women Gamers on the Rise

According to an article today in Times Online (Nintendo's women gamers could transform market) , Japanese women gamers have overtaken men to become the biggest users of the Wii and DS.
"If the change repeats itself around the globe, said analysts, it could force a complete change of business model for many of the world’s largest games makers."
I don't doubt that women's use of the Wii will be on the rise, especially with games like Wii Fit on the way (although, I wonder if that's really a "game"?)
"Wii Fit, which uses an innovative floor-based sensor to register body movement, takes players through a daily regimen of yoga, balancing exercises and other fat-fighting activities."
So maybe the Guild Master Ceiling will get replaced with a Wii Ceiling?

Check out the full story: Nintendo's women gamers could transform market at Times Online.

Photocredit: "Eva" by milopeng from Flickr.

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Karl Kapp said...


I think as new interfaces are developed, more and more games will be accessible to a broader and broader audience, young, old, male/female. Perhaps in the past the differnce was not really playing the games...being a gamer...but maybe it was comfort with complex controller vs not being comfotable, when controllers are inuitive like the Wii that could be the key to opening up games.