Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yet More Buzz on Buzzword

I posted about Buzzword a month or so again and since then, I've had a lot of traffic to my site. I got listed on their "press" page. Oooh.

Wired has now done a great review of the app: Buzzword: Web-Based Office Docs Never Looked So Good.

"...the web apps status quo is set to change with the arrival of Buzzword, an office-caliber document editor with a visually rich user interface. Buzzword beats current Ajax-based offerings like Google Docs and Zoho Writer in both usability and aesthetic impact. And in a few months, when a desktop version is released, Buzzword will pose a serious challenge to Microsoft Word, the current king of document editing on the desktop.

The application has what you'd expect from a word processor -- copy and paste, find and replace, text formatting -- plus a few more features that have traditionally only been associated with desktop apps. It has intelligent margin, table and image formatting options as well as a sophisticated lists manager. Documents can be shared among users, and your classmates or co-workers can leave comments, which show up as little yellow pop-up notes in the right-hand margin."
I like that it's built in Flash. I like that Virtual Ubiquity is a Massachusetts company. I like that it's a purty application....

It's still in invitation-only beta. I'm on the press page, so I think I should get at invite, don't you?

Public beta will start in the fall. For free. Will the free part stay free?


David Coletta said...

Yes, you should get an invite! You don't have one yet? Email us at signup at virtub dot com. And anyone else reading this, please do the same.

-David Coletta
Virtual Ubiquity, Inc.

Cammy Bean said...

David, thanks for the response!

I did send an email and got a response that I'd be included in the "next round of invitations", which I'm told will be in the next day or so.

Eagerly awaiting it...