Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Welcoming Cathy Moore to the Blogosphere

Many of you may already be familiar with Cathy Moore. She's the author of that fabulous presentation Dump the Drone, which we all got so excited about a few months ago. And she's been a great contributer here at Learning Visions. See the intense comment thread on The Real World, Second Life and Facebook/MySpace where Cathy provides some interesting commentary on women in Second Life.

Now Cathy is joining the exciting e-learning blogosphere, offering practical ideas for people who develop corporate elearning. As someone who develops corporate elearning, I'm simply thrilled! Cathy is a fabulous writer, offering great insight and analysis, along with a delightful sense of humor.

Read Cathy Moore's Making change: Ideas for lively elearning and see for yourself.

[Dump the Drone is part of my Instructional Design Resources list found on the Learning Vision's sidebar. If you haven't seen what other tidbits I've got up there, check it out. And feel free to suggest something else!]


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks, Cammy! The conversations you initiated on your blog were one reason I got back into blogging myself. So thanks for blogging, and thanks for encouraging other bloggers.

Cammy Bean said...

Well, that's very cool! I look forward to hearing much, much more from you.