Thursday, August 16, 2007

Keeping Your Fingers on the eLearningPulse

Thanks to Google Alerts, I stumbled across another everything-eLearning feed aggregator: eLearningPulse.

eLearningPulse is "Your daily source for all things eLearning". This site provides free resources to the eLearning development community, including news, discussion forums, job postings, and more.

The site was created by Ben Edwards of Redbird Software and B.J. Schone of eLearning Weekly fame.

While the blog listing is not yet as extensive as the listing over at trainingblogs, I think the jobs section looks great.

Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cammy,

Thanks for the mention! We're still hard at work on eLearningPulse, and we've got several more features that will be released before long. Stay tuned! :)

Tracy Parish said...

Thanks for the tip Cammy, excellent resource.