Friday, May 04, 2007

New Rapid e-Learning Tool from Epic

Another new rapid e-Learning tool, this from Epic (UK).

Epic launches new tool for accessible rapid e-learning

Product features to include:
  • A wizard that guides users through course creation
  • An in-built art direction library, allowing users to choose from a range of predefined 'look-and-feel' templates
  • The ability to insert media of the user's choice (graphics, video and audio)
  • Automatic 'one-click' SCORM packaging

It's not clear to me from the press release what type of authoring environment is used (is it Microsoft Word?) or what format the output is in.

From the press release:
'It's important to remember, however, that as with any tool, you only get out what you put in. To makes sure that clients get the most out of Rapid Create, or from any other authoring tool they may select, Epic also provides training and capability building to ensure internal teams are skilled-up in creating effective e-learning.'


Dan said...


If this is anything like the previous tool Epic developed it should be very easy for non-technical folk to turn out functional SCORM compliant-ish courses. I've used the previous version in my work with a local authority and I like it. It has its own front end and outputs to HTML with javascript.

We've been waiting to see this one for a while - hopefully it will iron out some of the idosycrasies in the earlier version.

Cammy Bean said...

Thanks for the input, Dan. I'm going to spend some time looking into this product more. Seems like Epic has a UK/European-focus. I haven't heard much about them before (except as the former employers of some of the bloggers out there...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammy,

RE: It's not clear to me from the press release what type of authoring environment is used (is it Microsoft Word?) or what format the output is in.

It is indeed an authoring tool which integrates with Microsoft Word.

The thinking behind this is that the author does not need to learn a new authoring tool to create rich, engaging content; they can use something with which they are already familiar. As Dan says, we've been using a Word authoring environment in-house at Epic for many years, and providing it to clients for the purposes of post-delivery content editing. So we've basically built on that foundation of code and experience for Rapid Create, but also put a lot of thought into redesigning it from the ground up and in doing so have hopefully ironed out any of the earlier idiosyncracies that Dan mentions :)

Regarding format of the output, it outputs an accessible Flash course (that is, accessible to learners who are visually impaired (partly), hearing impaired, motor impaired and learners with cognitive impairments (e.g. dyslexia)) plus an optional screenreader friendly version for blind users. The output is also SCORM compliant, or alternately you can opt to package the output for standalone CD ROM delivery.

Hope this answers your question, I have tried to avoid being too sales-y, while still giving you a complete answer to your question... it's a fine line to tread!


Cammy Bean said...

Thanks for all the details, Mark. Sounds like a great product.