Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kineo Learning Insights, Naturally...

Every year at Kineo, we interview a group of our customers – taking a slice of the market and sharing those insights back with you. This year’s Learning Insights 2015 report, has loads of nuggets. But rather than recap them all here, I want to dig into the one that I’ve been thinking the most about, which was our very first question. We asked, “What’s been the biggest surprise in the last 10 years?”
The big game changer? Why technology, of course. Over the last ten years, with the rise of search engines, smart phones and tablets, and access to the wisdom of the crowd through social media, we find answers to our burning questions very differently than we did just ten years ago.  As one of our interviewees said, “It’s much more about now. I want to learn this and I want to learn it now.” (Shades of Veruca Salt, eh? I want some candy and I want it now!)

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