Friday, January 08, 2016

Cammy @ ATD TK 2016 (Tech Knowledge) #ATDTK

I'm heading to Las Vegas for next week's ATD TechKnowledge conference. Looking forward to the chance to gather and schmooze and learn with my peers. Will you be there?

Here's my schedule:


12-12:30: Book Signing

I'll be signing copies of The Accidental Instructional Designer in the ATD bookstore. Stop by!

1-1:45: TK Disrupt -- Outside Inspiration. 

Excited to be part of this new format at TK - open conversations with a group of practitioners. We'll be talking about where we go for inspiration.

4:15-5:00: eLearning Check-Up -- stop by for review and feedback on one of your current learning projects!

Do you have an e-learning course that needs some help? Does it need some refreshing? Do you wish you had 10 minutes to spend with an expert to ask questions and make some progress? Are you so close but just not quite there? Well, this year's ATD TechKnowledge has an answer for that. The E-Learning Check-Up is a great opportunity to breathe some new life into your existing courseware by speaking with an industry expert to help you refine and apply some alternative approaches to transform your e-learning course. Bring your course with you, and come prepared to discuss ideas that could improve and expand your existing materials. 


10:45-11:45: Evolving Beyond the E: Designing Better Learning Blends with Technology in the Mix 
The use of technology is such an integral part of today's training toolbox that the e in e-learning hardly seems necessary anymore. What do you think? Have we evolved beyond the e? In this session, we'll map the evolution of e-learning and talk about where it's heading. How has it evolved? (Has it evolved?) What have we been doing right in this industry and where are we still flailing? In today's environment, what does smart use of technology look like? How have blends matured as we look for better ways to support and improve performance in the workplace? How can we better involve frontline managers in the training process and use technology to support them as they support their employees? We'll look at examples and share current trends. You'll come away with some tangible ideas you can use in your organizations.

Hope to see you there! I'll post updates and session notes right here as always.

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