Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Accidental Designer: Book Group Discussion Guide

Looking to develop your team's ID skills? Want to have a good starting point for a team meeting discussion? At the request of a client who was starting a discussion group for her team on The Accidental Instructional Designer, I created a Book Group Discussion Guide. You can download the guide for free from the ATD Press page:
The Accidental Instructional Designer covers nearly every aspect of the e-learning design process. It’s perfect for the learning professional or instructional designer who is just getting started—or the practitioner looking for new ideas. Delve into instructional design, creating scenarios, building interactivity, designing visuals, and working with SMEs. Read a sample chapter
Get the conversation flowing with The Accidental Instructional Designer Book Group Discussion Guide. Download the free guide from the book page. 
If you start a book group in your organization, let me know how it goes!


Anonymous said...

I am currently an ID grad student, and I am reading your book. While I can't relate to some parts of the book because I am looking to get into ID after my degree, I am really enjoying it. It is helping me think about the skills I need for the real world. I am going to look through this guide!

Cammy Bean said...

Glad to hear this vgarza1! I'd like to think there's a little something in the book for everyone -- even more intentional designers like yourself who have gone the degree route. Good luck with everything.