Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Get Your 2015 Holiday Treats!

I'm winding down for 2014. And what a great year it's been!

Here's a few holiday treats from the Kineo blog as you start winding down yourself (which I hope you're able to do)...

* I take a look back on my Top 6 Highlights from 2014. (Hint: It was a GREAT year. I published a book AND met Neil DeGrasse Tyson!)

* Steve Lowenthal, Kineo US CEO, shares his insights from the recent CLO Symposium in San Diego:  5 Things CLOS are Thinking About Now. Be interested to hear from you if these findings reflect what's going on in your own organizations.

* Check out this great Infographic: 7 Things to Improve L&D Performance in 2015 (think about what you can do to add more value in 2015!)

* And my favorite: a delightful wrap-up of all our top posts from 2014 on kineo.com. Unwrap your favorite today!

I'm looking forward to the return of longer days and am so very pleased we're over the Solstice hump already. Meanwhile, I'll be hunkering down with hot cocoa and my kids over the next few weeks, gearing up for another great year ahead. Looking forward to a fantastic 2015 and for your continued community and conversation along the way.

Best wishes to you and yours, 


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Sara said...

Hi Cammy, I just finished your book, right on time to get excited about work for 2015. Happy New Year!