Thursday, June 12, 2014

Serious Games & e-learning Gamification #ICELW Concurrent Session Notes

These are my live blogged notes from the International Conference on eLearning in the Workplace (ICELW), happing this week in NYC.  Forgive any typos or incoherencies.

Margarida Romera, Professor University Laval (Quebec) -- with a link to her slides on this session.

The individual gamer is not alone in the workplace. 

He/she interacts with the Organization (learning needs and objectives, org (un)learning culture, org history/cohesion/goals/challenges, cooperative and competitive dynamics). 

And the gamer interacts on an Interpersonal Level (Teams) (small group history/cohesion/goals, coop/competitive dynamics, learning objectives, etc.)

Games = organized play (Prensky (2001)
Serious games = games with purpose
Gamification = use of game design elemnts in non-game contexts (Deterding, 2011)

Beyond complexity…a methodology (HEXA-GameBasedLearning GBL):

1. Purpose/(educational) objectives – learning objectives

2. Purpose/(education) objectives – learner-centered needs analysis

3. Game modalities:
  • Serious (educational) games = game universe/immersion (cognitive and visual level)/gameplay
  • (Educational) gamification = real life contexts/non-game, secondary task

4. Game mechanics & rules
How do we make points, what are the behaviors the end user needs to do to earn points and advance in game; what moves the player inside the game – is it competition? Inter-group competition and cooperation – one of the most fundamental of game mechanics. Teams working together to compete against other teams.

5. Purpose/(educational) objectives – learning assessment & feedback
Show that the learning objectives are achieved – e.g., increase in sales? Did we achieve that as a company? What analytics are we looking at?

6. Gaming and learning experience
Analysis of the experience itself. If the player doesn’t have a positive experience, then we are also failing. In a game-based learning activity, are the people playing the game into it? Do they like it? Is it just broccoli covered chocolate?

Check out:
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Games and Learning Alliance (GALA) "Exploiting games for education."

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