Monday, February 03, 2014

I'm in the mood for love...learning love, that is! Kineo Valentine's Day Webinar

Feeling a little romantic?

Join me on Friday, February 14th, 11:30 a.m (eastern time) for a seductive and thrilling Kineo webinar:

Eight Ways to Make Your Learners Fall in Love

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Andy said...

Hi Cammy

I’m sorry I won’t be able to make the webinar but I do a fair bit in compliance work. This is a short blog I wrote a while back asking whether elearning should be like going to the dentist

Hope you like it. There are also some ‘explainer’ videos on the site which go over the basics in around 5 minutes (data protection and money laundering). The idea is these can be supplemented with more local and dynamic details through a simple PDF or similar.

Hope the webinar goes well and Happy Valentine’s Day.