Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Accidental Instructional Designer: A Learning Solutions Workshop!

On March 19, I'll be leading a one day workshop in Orlando as part of the pre-conference program for the eLearning Guild's 2012 Learning Solutions conference.

From the workshop description:
Most of us working as instructional designers got here by accident, by showing an aptitude for training or expertise in a particular subject matter area. And now, here you are, responsible – in some way – for the design, development, and/or delivery of eLearning. And now you’re actually passionate about what you do. So now what? This workshop will help answer some questions: What does eLearning look like today? What flavors does it come in and do I need to be an expert in all areas? How do I know when to use what kind of eLearning, or whether eLearning is even the right choice?
If you're an accidental instructional designer looking to get better at what you do and willing to explore some new ways of looking at things, then please join me in Orlando!

There's still plenty of time to sign up.


Kelly Meeker said...

Looking forward to it!

Judy Unrein said...

I love that you're doing this, Cammy… and I (over)heard great feedback from your session. Keep up the good work!

AmyL said...

Is there a recording of this session? I would love to have been there but I'm just finding this now :(

Cammy Bean said...

Hey Amy,

There wasn't a recording as it was a full day session. Check out my blog as I've posted a lot of resources here that I referred to in that session :)