Friday, May 20, 2011

Eat the whole pie: the four pieces of elearning

I like pie. And apparently, I like elearning pie.

It’s four slices of goodness: Learning & Pedagogy, Creativity, Technology and Business all rolled up in a beautiful crust to make the practice of elearning. But some of us are only eating parts of the pie and missing out on some core flavors…


Ellen Wagner came up with the slices – I’m enjoying riffing on it.

Read more about elearning pie in my latest tip on the Kineo website – a rework of the closing keynotes session I did at DevLearn 2010:  Eat more elearning pie

Photo credit: Flickr Benimoto

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Unknown said...

Great article, Cammy. I especially liked the point on having a business context. Very few eLearning professionals, especially instructional designers, have this context. Very well written.