Wednesday, February 02, 2011

ASTD #TK11 Opening Keynote Tony Bingham

Here we are in sunny San Jose, kicking off ASTD’s TechKnowledge 2011.

These are my live-blogged notes from the opening session.


Tony Bingham, President of ASTD on the future of learning…

IBM Study (Capitalizing on Complexity) of senior leaders:

  • complexity is the biggest challenge (can you help
  • Most not equipped to cope with it
  • Need creativity and innovation to handle that complexity (how do we teach organizations to adapt? to be creative?)

Is Web 2.0 a Fad?

Gartner study –

  • by 2013 80% of orgs will support working use of tablets
  • by 2014 90% will support corp apps on personal devices
  • More buzz about “the cloud”

We’re becoming “device agnostic” – can start a learning program on one device, then continue it on another.  How do we support this?

Search will keep getting smarter: knowing, who you are, your place on org chart, your stage of career dev, your learning preferences.

From an ASTD study:

Despite the ubiquity of mobile devices, most companies aren’t delivering yet…

Learning on-demand is starting to have meaning with mobile devices.

“Learning professionals are still playing catchup with web 3.0, but plan to catch up quickly”

Strategies for Learning Professionals…learn about the mobile web, the smarter web, the immersive web (identity management, governance, search and discovery, mobile and augmented reality)

In 2015:

  • mobile learning provided by most orgs,
  • ISD (instructional design) will demand new skills and mindsets – interactive, multi-media, dynamic, device management
  • target and immediate…

Are you ready?

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Unknown said...

Thank you! This is very moving information. I think acknowledging the fact that mobile learning is under-utilized is the first step in developing effective methods of using it.

I'm upset that I cannot experience TechKnowledge myself due to weather. I was SO looking forward to it.