Monday, June 28, 2010

eLearning Authoring Tools Mindmap

Trying to figure out what eLearning authoring tools to use? Not sure where to get started? Check out this collaborative eLearning Authoring tools Mindmap. I started it a year ago and my has it grown!


Connie Malamed said...

Wow! This is impressive Cammy and sorely needed. I'll spread the word. Nice contribution to the community. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

One of the most widely used authoring tools used by teachers themselves in the UK is TaskMagic - particularly useful for language teachers.

Unknown said...

Very cool resource, Cammy. I was conversing through e-mail just yesterday regarding the process of deciding among these tools and viola, you retweeted this link. Perfect resource for that process...and perfect timing!

Thanks, Joe

Cammy Bean said...

Glad it's useful. I started it last year when I was preparing for a presentation and asked blog readers to add their two cents. It's really taken off.

Portafolios Educativos said...

Thaks for your contribution. I ahve been using Articulate, RapidIntake and Captivate.

I have add a link at Portafolios Educativos

Leonardo Montenegro