Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top Nine Posts of 2009

Why not ten? I don’t know.

1. Essential Reading for Instructional Design?

This post from February 2008 is still at the top, lists and links to books and articles, including Dr. John Curry’s post How to Get an Instructional Design Education Without Paying Tuition.

2. Getting Started in Instructional Design

Another oldie, from 2007. Probably simply popular because it’s on the sidebar list in my blog. Tells you something about placement.

3. Building Better Learning Games

My live blogged notes from an April 2009 webinar with Enspire learning.

4. Instructional Design – What’s in a name?

From January 2009, in which I get Karl Kapp’s goat ;)

5. The Corporate Moodle – A Tipping Point?

I wrote this one back in June 2009 and it does seem to be the year of Moodle. The eLearning Guild’s 2009 LMS report certainly agrees, and by evidence of the number of corporate Moodle projects we’ve worked on this year at Kineo the tipping point seems to have arrived.

6. elearning Authoring Tools Review – Help!

I asked for readers’ input to create a mindmap of eLearning authoring tools. Lots of great information here!

7. The Value of Instructional Designers

This two year old post from January 2008 apparently still has some traction (again, might be its placement in my blog sidebar). Do IDs need to know how to use the tools? Cammy stirring up the ID pot again.

8. Making Six Sigma Training Fun

A post from May 2008, in which I discuss the use of rubber ducks. Apparently, trying to make six sigma training interesting is a challenge many of us face.

9. My Objection to Learning Objectives

I don’t object to learning objectives, but rather the dry manner in which they’re presented. Isn’t there a better way? From December 2007.


Looking through this list, most of these posts weren’t even written in 2009! So I guess I just already said all that i have to say that’s remotely interesting…

Here’s to finding more to talk about in 2010! Happy New Year everyone!

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Sharon said...

Hi Cammy,

I was just doing some research on instructional design and poking around to see what sort of interesting things folks were talking about and/or doing, and came across your blog.

These posts are really helpful and interesting; I like the post on designing better learning games. It's an area I'm interested in.

Great read!