Sunday, June 07, 2009

Reminder: Boston & Chicago Articulate/Moodle Seminars This Week

Just a reminder that our Boston and Chicago free seminars on Articulate and Moodle are this week. The response has been great. (So great, in fact, that we had to move the Boston session to another location to accommodate the crowd.)

Join the Kineo team in
Boston on June 9th
and Chicago on June 11th.

Delivering Quality at Speed - Articulate & Moodle

This seminar will focus on getting the best out of Articulate and Moodle with case studies from Motorola, BP, Apple and McDonald's.

The seminar will cover:

  • Rapid e-learning design with Articulate
  • Top tips for getting the best out of Articulate
  • Rapid development processes
  • Delivering engaging learning portals with Moodle

To learn more and sign up, visit the Kineo website. Hope to see you there!


Sharon Boller said...

We're just getting started with Moodle. I'd like to know more...any info outside of the seminar since I am in Indy?

Cammy Bean said...


Let me know what questions you have and I'll see what I can do. The seminar focused particularly on ways you can go beyond a standard Moodle through graphic customization and other add-ons. We do a lot with the corporate market and are always looking for ways to help our corporate clients make Moodle work for them.