Monday, March 23, 2009

eLearning Network Instructional Designers Survey

As Instructional Designers, it appears we're a wide-ranging lot.  Not only do we do instructional design, but we also do a whole lot of other stuff.

Clive Shepherd tweeted about a survey recently done by the eLearning Network, a non-profit eLearning community based out of the UK.

This survey shows that in addition to design, IDs also:

  • project manage (82%) [me too!]
  • use authoring tools (55%)
  • do graphic design (41%)
  • do testing (55%) [me too!]
  • programming (17%)
  • audio engineer (13%)
  • voiceover artist (20%) [me too!]
  • video director (20%) [me too!]

Now, granted there had only been 30 respondents at the time of the post, but the results do show the breadth of talents and skills that are required of IDs these days.  

I've written before about my "job description", which shows how all over the map I can be. (Note that that post is almost 2 years old and somewhat out of date.  I have been doing a lot more ID work in the past year, in addition to all that other stuff!)

Read a summary of the eLN designers' survey results, with links to the full results and the chance to participate.

What do you do on that list?  Go ahead and take the survey and then let us know your thoughts back here.

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