Thursday, September 11, 2008

Instructional Designers with ID Degrees? Survey Results...

The great thing about blogs is that you don't even have to be around, and people still come visiting. I haven't posted in ages (hoping this will start to change as my work-life settles back in), but responses are still coming in to my survey.

As of today, 166 instructional designers have responded to the survey: Do You Have a Degree in ID?

About 34% of instructional designers have an advanced degree in ID. And 66% of us don't.

As reported earlier, there continues to be a wide range of backgrounds for IDers, mostly in the liberal arts.

Take the survey now.

View the latest survey results here.


Anonymous said...

I had literally sent someone a link to your previous survey results about 5 minutes before I saw this post. Glad to see the update.

Even though the percentage has increased, I think the general conclusion that most people don't have the degree still holds.

Good luck getting settled back into your routines.

jadekaz said...

Wish there were an option for "currently pursuing a masters." Guess I'll choose "No."

Also, I some weird results happening - more people have instructional technology or instructional design - but are choosing other so that they can list their bachelor's degree, which means the stats for the degree are slightly higher.

Cammy Bean said...

@Christy -- thanks!

@jadekaz -- I know, I know. My survey is highly flawed. I've contemplated reworking it, but there's no way to add questions to an existing survey in this tool. My only option is to, at some point, create a brand-new survey with better questions.

Cammy Bean said...

OK -- I just found out that you CAN add new questions to an existing survey. So I have. But that won't help shed light on the 177 responses already submitted.