Thursday, April 10, 2008

Instructional Designers with Formal Training: Survey Update

As of today, over 119 responses to the ongoing survey Instructional Designers: Do You Have An Advanced Degree?

37% of IDs say "Yes, I do have a formal/advanced ID degree."
63% of working IDS say "Nope. I'm flying on intuition and experience and informal learning."

Only 13% of those without a degree say they have ever been denied work as a result.

38% of respondents have been in the field for just 3-5 years. Is that a spike in the amount of ID work going on? Or is this a high burnout field that people don't stick around in for too long?

I'm still curious about the breakdown in degrees between the corporate and academic sectors. What's the ratio of IDs working in corporate with advanced degrees vs. academic?

The survey remains open indefinitely. Chime in, if you haven't.

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michael hotrum said...

After 20 yrs as an independent trainimg consultant I am now into yr 3 of academic ID - difference: in academic = more collaboration, more change mgmt, more SMEs, more stakeholders, more media/modes, more research, more varied content, more experimentation; yes degrees are preferred but experience also appreciated; ID has more profile in academic due to push for e-learning, e-portfolios, focus on pedagogy and fact that many professors do not/cannot develop or design; when I get a moment I'll reflect on this in my blog at