Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Predictions for 2008

I won't deign to make grandiose predictions about the state of eLearning in the year 2008 as many have already done.

My Predictions for Learning in 2008 are, well, more about expected outcomes for my own learning journey this year based on some key personal events on my near horizon.

I will learn much, much more about chaos. My changing body shape attests to the fact that I will have a third child in May (at the ripe old age of 39!). While I'm already an expert diaper changer and don't need to learn much more on that subject, I do expect to have to learn a lot of new skills. Particularly, how to parent when outnumbered by children.

I will learn how to take a maternity leave and learn about managing even greater work/life balance issues. My first two kids were born while I had the flexibility of working as an independent contractor. This will be very different. I now have a full-time job with certain obligations. And I don't live in Canada where I'd be assured of a 12-month maternity leave.

I will learn first-hand about the current state of the American Public School System. My oldest child enters kindergarten this fall. Big steps in the journey. He is already dreading it. My daughter, however, wakes up asking to go to kindergarten. She's got two more years, poor dear.

It's going to be a rich year.


Christine Martell said...

Well congratulations Cammy! Guess you will be learning all sorts of things. I'll look forward to your wisdom.

Karl Kapp said...

Congratulations! Kids are always an opportunity to learn!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cammy! Sounds like your hands will be very full in May, but in a good way. And thanks for everything that I have learnt from you so far!


Cammy Bean said...

Thanks for the kinds words, everyone.

Wisdom...hmmm. If I can find at least a smidgen of wisdom during those sleep deprived days of May and June and July and....I'll be sure to let you know.