Monday, December 10, 2007

Blog of the Week

Ego boost alert for this Bean: Donald Taylor has cited Learning Visions as Blog of the Week 13.

I'm blushing.



Christine Martell said...

You deserve it. I always appreciate your perspectives and willingness to put forward your ideas as they are forming. Glad I have company in noticing.

Lovekandinsky said...

Hey Cammy--ditto! Your blog is awesome and you know I love your sense of humor and willingness to just say things.

Anonymous said...

Well done Cammy I would be lost without your advice on co-mment. Although I do think we deserve a photo of you blushing.
Sue Waters
Mobile Technology in TAFE

Cammy Bean said...

Thanks for all the warm fuzzies. And a photo of me blushing? Although I do blush, that'll be hard to come by. Sorry, Sue!